Friday, February 27, 2009

Tips for mask usage

You should put some drops of anti-fog solution on the inside of the mask if you have not recently cleaned your mask. If anti-fog solution is unavailable, spit on the inside of the lens and spread it evenly across the glass. Rinse your mask thoroughly when you are finished. This process helps prevent fogging.

Before putting on the mask, loosen straps by depressing buttons on the proglide buckle while pulling on the center of the mask strap. Repeat process for other side.
Position the mask strap on top of the mask while holding the mask against your face. Slide the strap over your head and pull both of the loose ends of the mask strap until the mask seals comfortably against your face. The strap should lay flat against the back of your head.

If you are experiencing leakage from your mask check to make sure: Your hair is not caught or stuck between the mask skirt and your face. The mask skirt is lying flushing against your face. The mask straps are adjusted properly

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