Friday, February 27, 2009

Clearing Your Snorkel

When you dive underwater, your snorkel will fill up with water. This is normal.

To remove excess water when you are at the surface, use the “blast” method by exhaling forcefully into the mouthpiece.

This will expel water through the tube and purge. The purge is a one-way valve located at the bottom of the mouthpiece housing.When faced with a flooded snorkel and empty lungs it is best to remain calm and use minimal energy to solve the problem using the breath method. Instead of going vertical and raising your head out of the water, remain horizontal with your face downward. Using your left hand, grasp the snorkel tube at the bend and in a continuous motion turn your head sharply and remove the snorkel from your lips. This clears your mouth at the surface, allowing you to take another breath so that you can use the blast method to clear snorkel.

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